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Has the process of including VVER in RASCAL started yet? How long will it take before we can use it?

The New reactor technologies such as VVER, AP1000, EPR and CAP1400 are being analyzed much more often than the old ones because of the global move to acquire new nuclear reactors. When can we have these incorporated in the RASCAL GUI ?

I apologize for the delay in responding to your question regarding VVER/new reactor technologies and their implementation into RASCAL. We had some technical issues with the RASCAL Forum Board subscription/notification system. The result is that I did not receive the email notifying me of you posting which result in this delayed response. In regards to your question about modeling VVERs and other new reactor technologies in RASCAL GUI, The RASCAL Development Team (RDT) is working on new GUI for the next major release to the RASCAL code (RASCAL 5.0). This work is quite extensive with the aim of eventually making the code easier to adapt and add on new reactor technologies while still being a fast-calculating and scientifically sound emergency response code. The RDT is hoping that this update to RASCAL will be released in 2018 with the possibility of follow on updates to include some of the newer reactor technologies dependent on RAMP member contributions in adding these technologies to the code. The RDT has addressed the applicability of the AP-1000 reactor to the current RASCAL 4.3.2 platform and we are assessing how to use RASCAL 4.3.2 to model an emergency at an AP-1000 reactor and what if any changes are needed to the models in RASCAL 5.0. Thanks for your question and information on future RASCAL updates will be passed along via the RAMP website and RAMP User Group meetings.