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Path Not Found (Error Number 76)

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Some RASCAL 4.3 users have experienced this error while attempting to model a RASCAL case for a site that is not included in the RASCAL facility database file. In this case the error report is for Module: frmMetDataType and Procedure: Form_Load.

Reason for Error: This error message occurs because of the installation process failed to create three needed folders in the RASCAL 4.3 root directory.

Error Resolution: To resolve this error message, RASCAL 4.3 users should examine the RASCAL root directory (C:\NRC\RASCAL) and check for/create the following three folders:

     C:\NRC\RASCAL43\Site\Other\Met Actual
     C:\NRC\RASCAL43\Site\Other\Met Predefined

After these folders have been added to the RASCAL 4.3 root directory, exit out of the RASCAL program completely and reboot the computer. Then re-start the RASCAL 4.3 program and re-open and re-calculate the case. This should solve this RASCAL 4.3 error message.

Additionally, this specific error has been resolved in our latest update for the code, RASCAL v4.3.2, which is only available through the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) Radiation Protection Computer Code Analysis and Maintenance Program (RAMP).