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Version 4.5.3

Released March 31, 2016

• Minor Fixes:

  • The nuclide file information table now prints “Specific Inventory” for each nuclide in units of Ci/MWt and MBq/MWt (in separate columns).
  • “Iodine Units” was renamed to “Release Units”. The options “Curies and REM based” or “SI Units” are supported. Units in the RADTRAD output files (“radtrad.out” and “radtradNRC.out”) are printed in traditional Dose/Activity units (Ci/Rem) or the SI Dose/Activity units (MBq/mSv).
  • The plot file now includes both British units of REM as well as SI units of mSv. The units can be selected by the user in AptPlot.