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Version 4.5.2

Released February 29, 2016

• Minor Fixes:

  • Corrected the issue in RADTRAD v4.5.0, where the code would fail to execute when there were more dose locations than compartments in the model. This was caused by a coding error in the RADTRAD-AC where dose arrays were allocated to the number of compartments when they should have been allocated to the number of dose locations.
  • Corrected (updated) an error with the NRC RADTRAD output (radtradNRC.out) file where the interim skin dose value printed during the calculation and a total skin dose summary at the end of the simulation did not agree. This was caused by the RADTRAD-AC containing a deposition velocity of 0.0 hard coded in to the source code. The code was changed such that cloudshine rather than deposition skin dose is printed during the simulation. The skin interim and final dose values are now consistent.