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General RASCAL Usage FAQs

1. What is RASCAL and what is it used for?
RASCAL is the acronym for the Radiological Assessment System for Consequence AnaLysis (RASCAL) computer software. RASCAL was developed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as a tool to provide for rapid dose assessment and consequence projections during radiological incidents. The RASCAL software is used for emergency response and not for emergency planning purposes.

2. How often is the RASCAL computer software updated?
RASCAL is typically updated every 12 to 18 months. Earlier updates would be issued if significant problems are identified in the software.

3. Who typically uses the RASCAL computer code?
RASCAL is one of the tools used by the NRC Incident Response Program for making independent confirmatory dose and consequence projections during radiological incidents. RASCAL is also used by many Federal, State and Local government agencies as well as some NRC licensees to make protective action recommendations and decisions during radiological incidents.

4. Is RASCAL only used domestically in the US?
No, RASCAL is used by many international government agencies and is an important computer code in the US NRC’s Radiation Protection Computer Code Analysis and Maintenance Program (RAMP).

5. Is there a forum that RASCAL users can go to discuss questions related to the models used in the RASCAL code?
- Yes, the RASCAL forum is available on the RAMP website to all RASCAL users. However, only RAMP members can post to the forum. To access the RASCAL forum select the “RASCAL Support” navigation link on the U.S. NRC RAMP website, which provides access to the “RASCAL Forum". RASCAL Forum topics include:

  • Code Error (Bug) Reporting
  • RASCAL Model Questions
  • General RASCAL Usage Questions
  • General Emergency Preparedness Questions

6. Is there training available for the RASCAL users and if so how can I get more information about the training available?
Yes, RAMP members can get training information (including training course dates, online training modules and presentations) by selecting the “RASCAL Training & Presentation” link on the U.S. NRC RAMP website.

7. Is there a user manual for RASCAL and where can I find technical documentation for the code?
Yes, the RASCAL user guide is available at the “Download the RASCAL User Guide” navigation link and RASCAL technical documents including the NUREGs are available at the “Download RASCAL Technical Documents” navigation link on the U.S. NRC RAMP website.