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RASCAL Distribution FAQs

1. What is the latest version of the RASCAL software and how can I obtain a copy?
The latest version of RASCAL is version 4.3.3 which was released by the U.S. NRC on September 30, 2017. Individuals interested in obtaining this version of the code should check out the “Registration for the RASCAL Code” navigation link on the U.S. NRC RAMP website.

2. Is there a fee associated with obtaining a copy of RASCAL 4.3.3?
For US Federal, State and Local government agencies there is no fee to obtain RASCAL version 4.3.3. For all other users the fee varies based upon their designation category, see the table located at the “Registration for the RASCAL Code” link on the U.S. NRC RAMP website.

3. Can I share my copy of the RASCAL 4.3.3 installation file with others?
No, RASCAL 4.3.3 users are required to complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for their copy of the software. The NDA states that the user agrees not to share their copy of RASCAL with any third party without obtaining prior written permission from the NRC.

4. What if I have multiple users at my facility, do I need to fill out an NDA for each user?
No, the NDA allows for the RASCAL user to list multiple users of RASCAL code at their facility/site on the NDA.