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GALE Installation FAQs

1. What type of computer do I need to run GALE?
The GALE software can be installed on computer running the Windows 7 or later operating system and requires about 5.5 MB of disk space.

2. How much computer disk space does GALE need to install?
The GALE software installation requires about 5.5 MB of disk space

3. Will GALE run on a Mac or MacBook Pro?
Yes, although GALE was not developed for the OS X operating system some users have run GALE on Macs in a Windows emulator or virtual machine. However, there is no technical GALE support for this type installation.

4. What do I do if I can’t get GALE to install correctly?
Verify that the “GALE 3.0 Quick Start Document” (PDF) was followed. If the installation error still persists then:

  • RAMP Members – submit a GALE help request by logging into the U.S NRC RAMP website and selecting the “GALE Support Request” navigation link.