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GALE Code Error (Bug) Report

1. What should I do if I get an error message or GALE crashes while I am using it?

Non-RAMP members should review the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” link and the “Error (Bug) Reports” forum board for the message. Non-RAMP members have “read-only” access to the “Error (Bug) Reports” forum board and cannot post new topics.

RAMP members have several tools available to help them trouble shoot and resolve GALE error messages and code crashes. Users experiencing error messages or code crashes should log into the U.S NRC RAMP website and select the “GALE Support" navigation link. This link will triage them through the following trouble shooting steps:

  • Select the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” link to review the FAQs for the error message and if not listed then,
  • Select the “GALE Forum” link to review the “Error (Bug) Reports” forum board for the error message. If it is not listed the user can add this topic by, selecting the “ Add new forum topic” link on the “Error (Bug) Reports” forum board.
  • Finally, users can also submit a help request by selecting the “GALE Support Request” on the GALE Support page. Be sure to complete the form on this page and attach the saved GALE case file if possible.

2. Is there a “Help” tool associated with the GALE code?

No, the GALE code does not contains a Help file; however, the technical information regarding the models and methods used by the GALE code to perform calculations can be found in the GALE User Guides and at the “GALE User’s Guide” web page on the U.S NRC RAMP website.

3. Is there a contact phone number to receive help with the GALE software?
No, there is no single contact phone number for the GALE software. Since GALE development and distribution is a collaborative effort between the US NRC RAMP and GALE Development Teams, users receive efficient and timely customer support by using the GALE Support navigation link on the U.S NRC RAMP website.