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SNAP-RADTRAD Technical Documents Download Page

File description Link to the file
EPA 520_1-88-020 (FGR-11).pdf PDF icon EPA 520_1-88-020 (FGR-11).pdf
RG_1.194.pdf PDF icon RG 1.194 (ML031530505).pdf
WasingtonASHsolver.pdf PDF icon WasingtonASHsolver.pdf
WASH 1400 Excerpts.pdf PDF icon WASH 1400 Excerpts.pdf
TID-14844.PDF PDF icon TID-14844.PDF
SRP6.5.2.pdf PDF icon SRP6.5.2.pdf
SRP6.4.pdf PDF icon SRP6.4.pdf
RG_1.197.pdf PDF icon RG_1.197.pdf
RG_1.196.pdf PDF icon RG_1.196.pdf
RG_1.195.pdf PDF icon RG_1.195.pdf
RG_1.183.pdf PDF icon RG_1.183.pdf
RG_1.4.pdf PDF icon RG_1.4.pdf
RG_1.3.pdf PDF icon RG_1.3.pdf
RG_1.25.pdf PDF icon REGULATORY GUIDE 1.25.pdf
NUREG-1465.pdf PDF icon NUREG-1465.pdf
NUREG-0017_Revision_1.pdf PDF icon NUREG-0017_Revision_1.pdf
NUREG-0016_Revision_1.pdf PDF icon NUREG-0016_Revision_1.pdf
NUREG-0737Supp1.pdf PDF icon NUREG-0737Supp1.pdf
NUREG-0737.pdf PDF icon NUREG-0737.pdf
NUREG_CR-6604Supp2.pdf PDF icon NUREG_CR-6604Supp2.pdf
NUREG_CR-6604Supp1.pdf PDF icon NUREG_CR-6604Supp1.pdf
NUREG_CR-6604.pdf PDF icon NUREG_CR-6604.pdf
NUREG_CR-6189.pdf PDF icon NUREG_CR-6189.pdf
NUREG_CR-5966.pdf PDF icon NUREG_CR-5966.pdf
NUREG_CR-0009.pdf PDF icon NUREG_CR-0009.pdf
Murphy and Campe.PDF PDF icon Murphy and Campe.PDF
Lee&WilsonASHsolver.pdf PDF icon Lee&WilsonASHsolver.pdf
Lee&Washington.pdf PDF icon Lee&Washington.pdf
EPA 402-R-93-081 (FGR-12).pfd PDF icon EPA 402-R-93-081 (FGR-12).pdf
Birchall_and_James.pdf PDF icon Birchall_and_James.pdf
10 CFR Part 100.pdf PDF icon 10 CFR Part 100.pdf